Monday, June 7, 2010

What a ride...

Aidan turned 5 today....FIVE! at 6:41am to be exact.

How crazy things were this time five years ago. I had spent 29 hours in unproductive labor to then have a c-section. Boy was I ready to be done with the whole experience...not great to say the least. Being a new mom after no sleep for two days and a baby who cried a lot, couldn't get the hang of nursing, didn't sleep was scary!

But things got better and life has been fun, loving, frustrating and amazing with Aidan in our lives. Seeing him grow, learn, become a big brother has been a joy. What a personality he has!

Kindergarden this fall - another big, scary milestone - probably more for me than him. Aidan just cares about riding the bus (which of course is one of my fears - no restraint system)!
Happy Birthday our wonderful, sweet, smart, independent boy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiaras, Tumbling and Toddlers

It is hard for me to believe that my little girl is so into tiaras, dress up and other girly things. I was such a tomboy and she has a big brother...but she She does however like to put on her fairy costume and sword fight with her brother. That is more like it!

For Makena's 2nd birthday party we decided to do it at Roach Gymnastics. It was great - 1 1/2 hour party, the whole gym to ourselves, and "coaches" to have the kids to activities or just play with them on all the apparatuses. The favorites seemed to be the foam pit and the trampoline. But the kids (and parents) ran amok walking on balance beams, swinging on bars, and yes, even trying some tricks (the adults). Think some of us grownups may have been a bit sore the next day! It was a great party.

Friday, February 12, 2010

How life changes in two years

My life changed drastically two years ago. At 12:12pm Feb 12, 2008, Makena Lacie Landgraf was extracted from my belly via c-section. She was 8lbs, 5oz and 19.5in.

Not only was she my first (and only) daughter, but now my second child. I was so happy but so was I going to deal with two kids? How would I deal with a teenage daughter? The last two years have been crazy, hectic, hysterical (good and bad), loving, frustrating...basically wonderful! Took some time to get into the groove, and I know each stage brings great joy and incredible frustration but I wouldn't do without it.

It is amazing when you look back how much she has grown - physically and intellectually. Makena is definitely testing out the terrible twos lately, but she also brings daily smiles, laughter, hugs, kisses and joy to my heart. The smile on her face when she learns a new "trick" or when we congratulate her on knowing her colors, or being able to buckle her seatbelt is amazing.

It is so wonderful to now see Aidan wanting to be the big brother, play with her, teach her and love her. I hope that relationship continues to grow because it melts my heart.

I realized the other day, that sometimes Makena calls me "mom"...not "mama" or "mommy" as it has been. Don't think I like it! Means she is growing up.

Makena is an extremely intelligent, loving, friendly, funny girl and I cannot wait to see her continue to grow in all these areas. Everyone comments on how cute she is, even with her cracked tooth smile. She is just a happy kid!

As I write this I am getting ready to get you from daycare and I know I will get a huge smile, you will run to me, jump in my arms and give me the biggest hug. You might even grab my face and give me a big kiss. That is the highlight of my day.

I love you my little princess "Noonie", our "Macaroni Penguin", "Macadoodles". Thank you for being in my life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

This year we traveled to Fountain, CO to spend Christmas with Jim's family. This was our first time traveling by air with both kids, need I say more? Actually, outside of the fact that from start to finish it takes about 8 hours, all went pretty smoothly.

So we had a house full of people - Jim's mom and dad, brother Tod, brother Greg, his wife Meg and their two girls Jennah (10) and Kelsey (6), Jim's sister Kayte and her son Michale (3 mos), plus the four of us! Oh and 3 dogs! Even with all the people there is was a wonderful visit. We don't get the chance to get together very often and do enjoy each other's company.

Makena was enamoured with Michale, Kelsey and Aidan played the whole time, and Jennah, well she took turns entertaining Makena and hanging out with Kelsey and Aidan. A lot of Wii was to be had! Aidan and Kelsey also went to the Dinosaur Museum.

The kids loved playing in the snow and then hanging out in the hot tub.

Christmas eve not a creature was stirring...

Christmas morning was mostly about the kids, and they really did a great job being patient waiting for their turn to open a gift.

During our trip Kayte set up a photo session so we could get some pics of the kids. Makena wasn't really wanting anything to do with it so our session was short lived. Not the greatest pics (really wishing now I had cut Aidan's hair and I had worn a different top) but at least we got some family shots.

When we returned home, we had a second Christmas (so we didn't have to drag all our presents to and from CO) which the kids loved! We also had our only snow so far this winter.

Prior to Christmas we did our yearly visit to Santa - once again, Makena wanted nothing to do with taking pictures with him. Maybe she is a Navajo Indian - they believe that if your picture is taken your soul goes with it?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Postings that never were

I look at the drafts I have waiting to be written and posted from last year...oye! Since it looks like I won't ever get to them, here is a little list and a blurb of things I was GOING to blog about:
(also I have spent too much time trying to format this and I give up)

Aidan's 4th bday party - June
As you can see, I did the Martha Stewart thing and made Aidan's cake - it is a Stegosaurus in case you couldn't tell. Not sure Martha would approve but Aidan loved it! I will definitely try again...depending on what he wants!

All Aidan's friends showed up for outside fun, bbq, water slide, jump house, and crazy kid running around.

The pinata took awhile to break but the kids had fun trying, then the traditional scramble to get all the candy!

Can't believe next time he will be 5!

Trip to the Great Wolf Lodge - July
With Jim being out of work we didn't take many vacations, but decided to take a "staycation" at the Great Wolf Lodge which is an hour from us. It is a giant place with an indoor water park, arcade, restaurants, etc. All based around family and kid fun. Aidan wasn't brave enough to go on the big slides but they still had fun playing in the water. Aidan also got to have his own "wolf cave" with a bunk bed all to himself! Definitely a fun place to go close by.

4th of July!
Our great friends - Leisa, Jason and baby Corbin - came up from Portland for a visit! This was our first meeting with Corbin and he is a total doll! So great to spend time with friends we don't get to see often.

Aidan plays soccer
Aidan started outdoor soccer this year - played indoor in the fall. He is a natural - but needs to work on paying attention to the coach! He enjoyed indoor more because they actually got to play "matches". Basically it is a room full of screaming kids running after the ball - no matter which way it goes. Very amusing!

Aidan has surgery
For years, due to sleep apnea issues, we have been watching Aidan's tonsils to see if he would grow into their huge size...but finally at 4 we decided to see an ENT. He suggested that Aidan get his tonsils and adenoids out. They told us it would be a rough 10 days and boy, they were NOT kidding!
Days of crying, not sleeping, popsicles that were too cold, not cold enough, wrong flavor, wrong everything! Plus the fits over taking his meds! ugh...
But Aidan recovered quickly after that and actually has grown 2 inches and gained 6 lbs in just 6 mos! He is an extremely quiet sleeper now so should be getting much better sleep these days - if only that would have reflected more in his daily behavior!
(first pic is waiting for surger, 2nd is post op...looks happy huh?)

Trip to meet Hannah and other old friends
Hannah is the daughter of Carrie, who grew up with my best friend Julie, thatI have recently become friends with. Hannah is a very sick little girl (you can see her story through the button on my blog's home page) but her birthday was in July and the family was going to be in Tarzana so we were able to meet in person and celebrate Hannah's 1st bday!
Makena had a great time meeting everyone and playing with Hannah's older sister Abby. I was honored to be able to be there for that very important milestone in Hannah's life!
While down there I also got to meet up with Julie and a very old friend from Jr. High - Jody. We went to the beach with the kids - Makena's first trip - and had a blast! So great to reconnect with Jody. I also snuck in a quick visit to my other dear friends The Randazzos. Makena instantly fell in love with Joe and wouldn't get off his lap. It was a great weekend!

The zoo and the Puyallup Fair - Sept
Jim's Aunt Jeannine and Uncle Bill were in town so we met up with them at the Woodland Park Zoo. They also came to stay with us for a night and went on a hike with Aidan and Jim. Great visit!
The Puyallup Fair comes around every September and we always try to go. Kids love seeing all the animals and Aidan is now into the rides. Makena went on her first pony ride and didn't want to get off!

My 4oth bday
Ugh. That said it was a great weekend! My bffs Julie and Cara came up to celebrate. Julie from SF and Cara all the way from VA! We had some much needed girl time while they were here. My local friends came out to celebrate and karaoke as well. Thanks everyone for making the start of my demise a memorable one!