Monday, June 7, 2010

What a ride...

Aidan turned 5 today....FIVE! at 6:41am to be exact.

How crazy things were this time five years ago. I had spent 29 hours in unproductive labor to then have a c-section. Boy was I ready to be done with the whole experience...not great to say the least. Being a new mom after no sleep for two days and a baby who cried a lot, couldn't get the hang of nursing, didn't sleep was scary!

But things got better and life has been fun, loving, frustrating and amazing with Aidan in our lives. Seeing him grow, learn, become a big brother has been a joy. What a personality he has!

Kindergarden this fall - another big, scary milestone - probably more for me than him. Aidan just cares about riding the bus (which of course is one of my fears - no restraint system)!
Happy Birthday our wonderful, sweet, smart, independent boy!

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